Corporation # 1010447

Embassy Of United Chaplains Corporation 

Corp # 1010447- #1035075

Requisitos:                                                              Requirements (scroll down ) 

Cada Candidato sera entrevistado y debe completar una aplicacion y proporcionar la documentacion necesaria antes de empezar las clases.

 Cada estudiante reciben:  Manual De Estudiante

                                     Identificacion: Capellan en Entrenamiento                 

Curso : 12 secciones ( 3 horas cada una , Una vez a la semana)

Participacion de La audiencia , lectura biblica, y Oracion, Varios Ejercicios del Grupo, Los Guiones de Practica y Tareas.

 Cada Seccion de clase :   Asignaciones

Los candidatos deben completar tambien un puestos de interno en dos areas de la capellania. ( 6 horas del puestos de interno de campo cada seccion).

Habra una Revision de clases y los candidatos deben completar un examen final .


Requirements :

Each Candidate will be interviewed and must complete an application , and proper documents to begin class.
Each Student will Receive :  Chaplains Qualification Course Book
Course consist of : 12 sessions ( 3 hours eash course , Once a week)
Each Student must complete Internship Program

An Internship is a supervised activity where a chaplain candidate can obtain practical experience in a specific area of Chaplaincy. The internship also provides exposure allowing the candidate to make observations and extend his understanding of the field of choice.


1. The candidate must complete a minimum of six (6) hours of internship.

2. All the internship must be in one or two areas of Chaplaincy.

3. The candidate must complete the form below and provide the instructor with the name of the institution and person who will supervise the Internship.

4. The candidate must provide written proof of completion of the six hours of internship to UCSCT.

5. Current employment is not acceptable as internship.

6. Internship can be in any area of Chaplaincy including:

a. Hospital or Nursing Home

b. Correctional Facility (jail, prison, juvenile facility)

c. Shelter

d. Treatment facility (drug rehabilitation, etc.)

e. Any other approved area (See instructor for more information.)


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