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Quotes 10/13/2010: Oracion Especial para nuestro Capellan muy querido Rev. Efrain Rodriguez. Estara en el hospital Saint Fransis En el Dia De hoy alas 8:00 P.M. , Hasta 10/14/2010. Saint Francis Hospital Asylum Ave # 1004 Hartford, CT 06105-1701 Quotes
Rev. Efrain Rodriguez
" Oracion Especial "

Quotes Dec 17 2011 graduation of the nysctf.Ijust want to thank the united chaplain state of connecticut for showing they support on a special moment.such as this day. thanks to rev evelyn deleon and maxi too.God bless you iS not were you are going is what you going to do when you get trere. CHAPLAIN JOSE COLON NYSCTF Quotes
jose colon

Quotes ...the agreed and I held his hand and prayed the 'sinners prayer' for him...He was a biker friend as I saw the Lord pave a highway to heaven for him. As soon as I finished that prayer, our friend breathed his last. He went home in peace. Even in the last minute when we think all hope is gone, we can still trust in the Lord! He is the Ressurrection and the Life! Quotes
Chaplain Joel
Grace Part 2

Quotes We serve a living powerful God! I recently had the privilege of showing support to a family who's father had a stroke. We were in the hospital in his room and although unresponsive (he could not speak) and was in his last minutes of life here on earth. I knew that somehow he could hear us. As his daughters cried over him, his heart stopped and the doctor declared him dead. I was unsettled, I had a prayer in my heart that I knew I should have prayed with him and just didn't get the chance. I just whispered to the Lord, "Lord, I didn't pray" Fifteen minutes went by and his daughters were exausted from crying they were on his body. I came over to the bed and touch took his hand while I whispered again, "Lord I didn't pray". His younger daughter was laying on his chest when suddenly a gasp, then a pulse, the girl screamed, Oh my God he still alive!!! I checked for a pulse and confirmed it and so did the doctor. I didn't waste no time. I said, "I would like to say a prayer, Quotes
Chaplain Joel
Grace to the last Minute

Quotes That's a. Great thinking! Quotes

Quotes In Mark 11:22, 23 nd 24 Jesus said: "Have faith in God. Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, be taken up and cast into the sea, and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is going to happen, it shall be granted him. Therefore I say unto you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them and they shall be granted you. If you need healing in any part of your life...physical healing, emotional healing, healing in your finances, whatever it may be Jesus wants to give it to you and you can have it, if you will only believe what Jesus himself said! If you need some help with this or any other thing...we are here for you! Quotes
Rev. Joel Espada
Regional Director

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